I'm Karmen Skaro

Aspiring entrepreneur & Content writer

Follow me on my journey to becoming an entrepreneur. Explore topics that spark my interest: technology, ecology, business, world development, digital nomadism, travel, fashion, music, and others. 

Featured Posts

solving puzzles

Fall in love with the problem, not the solution

When starting the entrepreneurial journey, we are looking at creating value and making an impact. And the simplest way to create value is to solve a problem.

Why I love the Internet Pt.2

One of the most promising aspects of the World Wide Web lies in the human need for freedom. The freedom to have a job that is not dependent on the seasonality of tourism-related jobs and is location-independent...

Why I love the Internet

Living on a relatively remote Croatian island towards the end of the 1990s, as an 18-year-old I impatiently and hopefully awaited for the Internet to arrive. I viewed it as my window to the world...

Other things I do

WordPress web design

At the moment, only designing WordPress websites through premade templates and their customization.

Content writing

In addition to designing WordPress websites I also write web copy and other web content.

Rent apartments

I live on Korcula island, Croatia where I rent apartments to digital nomads.

karmen skaro website

Need a simple yet effective website?

Contact me if you’d like a simple and effective WordPress website for your business or project.

Want to be my guest?

If you’d like to spend a month or more as a digital nomad on Korcula island, Croatia, you’re welcome to stay at my spacious 70m2 apartment featuring its own office.