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Human excrement factory as power plant and fertilization idea

I once overheard two friends talking about the idea of human excrement factory serving as a power plant so I reached out to one of them for extra information and an explanation.

This is what Lars Kjeldagar Brandt who describes himself as a martial art enthusiast, and inventor, interested in what really goes on behind the scenes in the world had to tell me on the subject:

Modern toilets going into the sewage system are an abomination. It will cause total distruction of natural order on this planet. We need to be shiting in the soil. It’s simple 5 elements theory from ancient times. All the symbiotic relationships in nature are summed up with impeccable accuracy if we understand the mutual, generative and destructive relationship between the elements of nature. First things first. The must be clearly distinguished and understood. Not mixed up! Shit goes with the Earth element, not water! So dumping it in the sea in any way shape or form will gradually throw the planet out of balance… Plankton doesn’t eat shit… Shit is poisonous to plankton… Insects and microbes in the Earth will digest shit and make the soil more fertile…

We were just joking about it, cause you’d need huge shit-stirring factories, with huge wide cylinder towers with a huge motorized stirring device and, pipes, pumps, conveyor belts, etc. They collect the shit from the whole community and mix it with soil and a little water to make a big muddy shit mix, that will then sit in fermentation and produce methane gas to heat homes in the community while big shit trucks then collect the dryer post fermentation shit soil and deliver it to farmlands… As is exactly the case in the old-school classic Mad Max.

Save the soil to save the environment initiative

Lars went on and introduced me to the initiative carried out by Sadhguru, the world’s most famous guru, the founder, and head of the Isha Foundation, based in Coimbatore, India. Sadhguru explains the importance of soil revitalization and shares five methods we can use to save the soil.


I wanted to know more about the idea Lars is talking about as I live in the Adriatic where an inadequate or non-existent sewage system is a big problem and causes sea pollution. Additionally, the Adriatic region, more specifically the Dalmatian region, doesn’t have an efficient and cost-effective heating system for cold winter days and nights sorted out. As crazy or funny as some may find the idea of human excrement factory used as a power plant and part of the soil fertilization efforts, the fact is that the world globally is facing energy shortages and high costs of conventional energy sources. Also, soil degradation across the globe is a fact and yet another ecological disaster we are already facing. The conversation with Lars was an eye-opener to ideas that do sound like science fiction now but that maybe one day could become reality. Or at least merit a thought or two.

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