Losing weight with apps in 2023.

After all the December’s festivities filled with food and drinks, there is a sense of relief that comes with January. It is a month when we start implementing the New Year’s resolutions. Often, one of the most popular resolutions and promises we make is losing weight and getting in shape. I am no different. I plan to lose weight and get in shape with the help of free versions of some of the most popular apps in the Google Play Store.

Lose it! app

Starting a weight loss journey with Lose it! is pretty straightforward – you answer questions such as how tall you are, how much you weigh, how much weight you want to lose and by when, do you exercise, and similar. The app then does the calculations and recommends a plan with daily calorie intake. All you have to do is stick to the plan and record the food you eat on a given day making sure you stay within the recommended calorie budget. The app has a large food database so tracking the food you eat is really easy.

Lose it! app calorie monitoring

With the Premium version, you can also track the levels of different nutrients you consume with the food you record.

Lose it! app nutrients monitoring

In the free version, you have access to articles that tackle weight loss, exercise, food, and similar as well as access to a community where you can connect with other users for support.

The app has two plans: Basic and Premium. The Basic plan is free and gives you access to an online food database, calorie counting, goal setting, and access to community and health, exercise, and food-related articles. The Premium plan is a monthly subscription that costs less than $3 and includes many additional features like syncing with other fitness trackers, in-depth nutrient insights, custom challenges, etc.

Lose it! app cost

I’ve been using this app for several days now and have managed to lose almost 2 kg. What I can say is that the app made me really conscious about what and how much I eat. It definitely keeps me accountable and interested in buying the Premium version for additional features.

Yoga for Beginners Weight Loss

I am not a fan of gyms and hard cardio exercises. During summer I am much more active but during the winter I become so stiff from my sedentary lifestyle and crave easy exercises for stretching and flexibility. I researched different yoga apps and found Yoga for Beginners Weight Loss, a free version. After inserting my body values such as height, weight, and others, I was recommended an Intermediate plan.

You choose the tempo of the exercise, and whether you want to exercise with the animated trainer or with the help of a video trainer. Under the reports tab, there is info on the number and duration of workouts you took, and how many kCal you lost on each day. There is also an option to access some exercises in the free version if you watch recommended video before. All in all, extremely easy-to-follow set of exercises and a well-designed app!

If you are like me and you struggle with drinking enough water daily, Yoga for Beginners Weight Loss app also has an option where you can set your daily water intake goals and get notifications when it’s time for your next glass of water.

Water reminder

I like the app so much that I believe I will purchase the yearly Premium plan for 33 euros. There is also a monthly plan for 1,19 euros per week if you are not sure you will like the app enough to stick to it longer.

Are there any tips you’d like to share on how you plan to achieve some of your goals and resolutions in the year 2023?

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