Before Web development and UX design courses, I designed WordPress websites through premade templates and have written content for them. I also created logos, flyers, and posters for local businesses with Canva. 

Featured Website


My latest work and probably one I am most proud of. This is where I discovered Elementor’s Flip box and used it for the Testimonials page. When it comes to content creation, I am pleased with the solution I found for the ‘Venues’ page – ‘I do’ in different languages and different quotes accompanying the photos of wedding venues. Knowing the owner helped create a warm, genuine, and short bio. 

Diva Korcula


A project that initially gave me a bit of headache because all I had to work with were 3D images of villa that was in process of being built. The owners were in the meantime renting a yacht and wanted to advertise that as well. I had to get very creative and intuitively get a sense of what the style of villa will be and come up with a solution that will represent that spirit with the right choice of logo, header images, and other visuals. Adding a newsletter option and inviting visitors to leave their contact details so they can be notified when villa will be open for bookings was a great idea.



A website I really like for its simplicity and for its uniqueness. I have not yet come across a real estate website with such great, informative, and effective video ads which were the client's idea. The client insisted putting up only the most basic and most important information, letting photos and videos do most of the talking. The website comes in two versions, English and Croatian.



A big client who provided great visuals and information so it was rather easy to find an optimal solution via a free WordPress template!

karmen skaro website

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